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Come to Howling Husky Homestead, surrounded by mountaintops and glistening glaciers, to explore dog mushing, the history of sled dogs, and homestead living. During this small, intimate tour, you'll see the difference between traditional freight - style huskies, Siberians, and super-fast husky-hound crosses. Our tour of the dog barn will show you how dogsleds, harnesses, and equipment has advanced with new technology and why traditional arctic clothing such as polar bear ruffs and mukluks are still the first choice in severe weather. From the lead dog to the wheel dog, you will learn about each position in a dog team, how we train the team before the snow flies, what the dogs eat, and much more about these amazing canine athletes.

As part of this small, intimate tour, you will enjoy Russian tea, chocolates, and baked goods with honey from our beehives while exploring our mushing museum. Your host, Dr. Linda Chamberlain, acquired her first sled dog after a skiing accident when she was 40, an event that changed her life.  Working as a public health scientist, Dr. Chamberlain has traveled throughout circumpolar regions and "bush" Alaska for the past 20 years. An internationally renowned speaker, Dr. Chamberlain has combined her career as a scientist with her love of sled dogs and mushing. She uses her dog team to talk about teamwork and leadership as part of a lecture series called “Lessons from the Trail.”  Her arctic tales will take you from following polar bear foot prints in the village of Barrow, Alaska to traversing the Siberian tundra with reindeer herders. Her stories about the "not so simple" life of building the Howling Husky Homestead and living with the Huskies are full of humor and lessons learned in the last frontier.

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