Opening Our Hearts, Eyes and Ears
to Healing and Well-Being

There are pathways through our hearts, eyes and ears that we can use to reset the nervous system and stimulate new brain circuitry at any age.

Recent advances in neuroscience, polyvagal theory and technology have transformed our understanding of how the brain-body responds to stress. You will take a tour of the nervous system with puppets to explore how our nervous system influences social connection, behaviors and even our hearing.

In this interactive, skill-based presentation, Dr. Chamberlain uses innovative props and user-friendly language that can be used to help children and adults to understand how the nervous system influences our physical and mental state. 

Participants will learn simple strategies that work through the heart, eyes and ears to shift our “autonomic state” and promote healing and well-being.  

Learning Objectives

  1. List the three states of our nervous system
  2. Describe what the rhythm of the heart is (heart rate variability)
  3. Explain why the vagus nerve is important to promote self-regulation and healing
  4. List three strategies discussed in this presentation that you can integrate into your work and/or self-care

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