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Witty, passionate and committed to translating research into every day tools that empower us, Linda describes herself as a “scientist for the people.” A trailblazer for translating complex science into practical strategies, her work has connected with families, caregivers, service providers, teachers and communities worldwide. Her reputation is built on her remarkable ability to talk about hard times and healing in a way that instills hope, self-compassion and a clear understanding that our brains and bodies have the capacity to change and it’s never too late.

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The questions below help us plan for your event so please provide any information available at this time. Linda works with a very broad range of audiences and settings. Her talks are lively and experiential through the use of innovative props and engaging participants in resilience-building practices regardless of the size of the audience or whether it’s virtual or in person. For in person events, details such as seating arrangement help us to determine which activities will work best based on the layout of your space. For virtual events, information on the online platform you will use

Once we review your submission and determine Linda’s availability, we can provide a quote for your event. After an event is confirmed, we will check-in with you regarding the set-up for virtual or audio-visual equipment and arrange to mail props to your location, if applicable.

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