Using Your Breath to Destress and Build Resilience

Dr. Chamberlain demonstrates a two-minute, resilience-building practice as part of the Alaska Children Trust’s Focus on Resilience during COVID.

The Brain and Body
Under Stress

Dr. Chamberlain provides a brief overview (7 minutes) of how stress affects the brain and body with her “organ apron” and other creative props. This video is part of an online training called “Healthy Healers” that was developed by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.

MARC Brown Bag Webinar with Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH

This webinar focuses on simple tools for self-care and preventing vicarious trauma. Dr. Chamberlain highlights the work of Capacitar, an international healing network, and her work as a Capacitar trainer.

Capacitar Emergency Toolkit Training with Dr. Linda Chamberlain

This webinar was created by a youth group, the Alaska R.E.C. Youth, to share simple strategies including breathwork, movement, fingerholds and other tools that youth can use to manage stress and build resilience.

First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a Child's Developing Brain

This video helps parents and service providers understand the impact of childhood exposure to violence on brain development and best practices to buffer the effects of stress. Dr. Linda Chamberlain and Dr. Bruce Perry are featured in this 15-minute video produced by the California Office of the Attorney General.

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